Green Hydrogen Energy Solutions

By William Thomas | 28th May 2021

  The concept of hydrogen cells has been floated consistently in the last decade as an alternative energy concept for vehicles. But now as more development has gone into energy storage for renewables grids, designs for a method of storing energy using hydrogen cells has also begun to appear.   Again, the concept is the … Continued

What Is Battery Storage For Your Home Or Business?

By William Thomas | 19th April 2021

 Today battery storage is quickly becoming one of the most easy ways to help a home or small business save more electricity. This can be done very simply with minimal modifications to your existing premises – a battery can be installed that holds a charge generated by a turbine or panels, then releases it when … Continued

5 Green Technologies Your Business May Be Missing

By William Thomas | 18th March 2021

5 Green Technologies Your Business May Be Missing – By Archie Thomas – 18/March/2021     Everybody’s been talking about green technology lately, so we thought we’d take a short look at some of the more interesting solutions on the market. Here at Low Carbon Leasing we’re on the pulse of the issue and are very … Continued

“Renewables and low carbon systems are no longer perceived as an inaccessable alternative, but a cost-effective one that can save businesses and consumers money, and, of course, play a key part in stemming the risks from climate change. Despite the notable lows in the price of crude, renewables have reached cost parity with conventional fuels. Throughout the world, clean energy is creating jobs and helping cities and major corporations operate better….operate cleaner….it is my wish to get more consumers and businesses here on UK soil to wake up to this dire problem.”

William Thomas, Director at LCL

Climate Facts:

  • There’s more Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere than any time in human history 417.1 parts per million for May 2020
  • Human activity, especially greenhouse gas emissions, is considered the dominant cause of temperature increases. GlobalChange
  • By 2060, the cost of inaction on climate change is predicted to reach a staggering $44 trillion with huge GDP losses
  • Our oceans are warming with the top 100 meters (about 328 feet) of ocean showing warming of more than 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit (0.33 degrees Celsius) since 1969.6 Earth stores 90% of the extra energy in the ocean.
  • The production of low carbon energy is on the rise and the price (£) of renewable energy is falling (table ET 5.4)
  •  As well as a matter of operational effectiveness for practically all businesses, big companies are now pressured to reduce emissions as forced disclosure now in place

Why decarbonise and what does it mean?

Decarbonisation means actively and continuously seeking to reduce the carbon emissions generated by your business activities. Our team can smooth the transition for you by way of financing those devices which reduce your energy usage and/or allow you to switch to more renewable sources of energy.

  • Cost savings
  • Increase competitive edge
  • Enhance green credentials
  • Attract and retain staff

The LCL connection to nature...

Since 2007, our partners Carbon Managers Ltd have worked closely with the Alladale Wilderness Reserve, a stunning natural utopia in the Scottish Highlands, home to newly planted Alder, Aspen, Rowan, Willow, Birch, but predominantly Scots Pine. Carbon Managers and their clients have contributed to the planting at Alladale and they have now passed an impressive milestone of over one million trees planted. The reserve manager and team at Alladale do an amazing job maintaining the vast reserve, fencing off these areas of reforestation so that deer cannot destroy their hard work.

Carbon emissions Environmental Conservation Vector Icon Pattern. The main wording depicted in this royalty free vector illustration is in the center of the composition and is green in color.  It is surrounded by environmental conservation icons that vary in size and shade of color. These nature and environment icons form a seamless pattern and fill the entire background of the image. The background has a dark green background. Each icon can also be used independently of the icon pattern. Vector icons include such elements as nature, recycling, people and trees and many more.

What you can do...

We recommend that you before you seek to offset your carbon emissions, that you first take the very important step in finding out where and how they can be reduced. If you have this information already and what equipment you wish to lease, click here to make an application with us today. If you are still unsure of your approach to lowering your business carbon footprint, you may choose to seek help from trusted professionals. We recommend contacting Carbon Managers Ltd.

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