Green Hydrogen Energy Solutions

By William Thomas | 28th May 2021

  The concept of hydrogen cells has been floated consistently in the last decade as an alternative energy concept for vehicles. But now as more development has gone into energy storage for renewables grids, designs for a method of storing energy using hydrogen cells has also begun to appear.   Again, the concept is the … Continued

What Is Battery Storage For Your Home Or Business?

By William Thomas | 19th April 2021

 Today battery storage is quickly becoming one of the most easy ways to help a home or small business save more electricity. This can be done very simply with minimal modifications to your existing premises – a battery can be installed that holds a charge generated by a turbine or panels, then releases it when … Continued

5 Green Technologies Your Business May Be Missing

By William Thomas | 18th March 2021

5 Green Technologies Your Business May Be Missing – By Archie Thomas – 18/March/2021     Everybody’s been talking about green technology lately, so we thought we’d take a short look at some of the more interesting solutions on the market. Here at Low Carbon Leasing we’re on the pulse of the issue and are very … Continued